Assassin's Creed Valhalla : Best Upcoming Game

In"Assassin's Creed -- Valhalla you will relive the epic saga of the Viking invasion of England.  You play as Eivor, a Viking from Norway who will lead his or her battle-hardened warriors across the North Sea to the British Isles. Eivor is driven by an ambitious goal, to build a thriving Norse settlement in a hostile land (For the good of our clan, it is time we go a Viking. Today, we raid that tomorrow we may build).  England is a dark tangle of broken kingdoms and warring dynasties, a land of opportunity and riches. As you prowl England'srivers by the longship, you may raid locations you spot from the shoreline. 
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Ground your ship and blow your horn to lead your raiding crew into battle. Your crew will assist you in all your raids, fighting enemies, battering down doors, and stealing cargo too heavy for one set of arms. Whatever riches and resources you pillage may be used to develop your settlement, giving you access to useful services, better tools, and new settlers. At the heart of your settlement is the alliance map. It will serve as a record of the allies you have made and a guide for future opportunities. The Viking age was a time of warriors and legends.


 In "Valhalla," you will find the largest variety of enemies ever assembled in an "Assassin's Creed" game.  Every archetype offers a unique challenge. Some will coordinate with their allies for special attacks while others will use nearby objects to their advantage, including the bodies of fallen warriors. To face these attacks, you must find and exploit your opponent's weaknesses to gain the upper hand. Take the fight to your foes with a host of brutal new combat abilities.
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Snare them with Viking harpoon. Pummel them with throwing axes. Incapacitate them with a new stun system to keep them at a distance, or finish them off. Dual wield any two weapons you wish to unleash a deadly combination of attacks.  Customize your fighting styles you see fit and become a legendary Viking warrior.  All combinations of weapons are available to dual wield, including two shields.  Not all situations call for violence. In this new land, a Viking must find a way to adapt. As Eivor is not welcome in England, you may need to outsmart your enemies, avoiding unwanted attention towns and bustling cities. 
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Use Eivor's hood and cloak to blend with crowds and slip past watchful eyes, an unseen hunter among the people.  From capital cities, and villages to the dense forests and rolling hills of England, exploration is vital to keeping yourself sharp. You must feed off the land if you hope to endure. Hunt and forage to replenish your health and fortify your equipment.  Search pagan temples and Roman ruins for new activities and challenges to strengthen yourself and your settlement.  The more you explore, the more of England's secrets you reveal.   

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Ravens, show no mercy!  But as you push deeper into England, the enemy will push back. In a series of climactic moments, "Assassin's Creed-- Valhalla" will feature massive assaults in which you lead Eivor's army into battle against heavily guarded Saxon fortresses.  : "Assassin's Creed-- Valhalla" will transport you to wondrous and haunted lands inspired by Norse myths and England's pagan roots. It will challenge and surprise with unforgettable characters, thrilling triumphs, and tragic losses, giving you the chance to live your own Viking saga.  "Assassin's Creed -- Valhalla," will be available on November 17.  

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