𝐌𝐚𝐡𝐚𝐫𝐚𝐧𝐚 𝐏𝐫𝐚𝐭𝐚𝐩: 𝐓𝐡𝐞 𝐆𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐭𝐞𝐬𝐭 𝐎𝐟 𝐀𝐥𝐥

Maharana Pratap A powerful 7'5 Warrior, was the ruler of Mewar of the Sisodia clan of Rajputs and he was born to Maharana Uday Singh the 2nd and Jaiwanta Bai. Maharana Pratap is widely regarded as a great hero and one of India's most famous warrior and he's also regarded as a freedom fighter is because he spent his entire life fighting alone and fighting an uphill battle where all the kingdoms and all the kings around him were capitulating and were submitting and surrendering to the Mughal Empire he was the only one that kept fighting in 1567 when PrincePratap Singh was only 27, The capital of Mewar "Chittor" was surrounded by the Mughal forces of Emperor Akbar.

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Maharana Uday Singh decided to leave Chittor and move his family to Gogunda rather than surrender to the Mughals after the death of Maharana Uday Singh Rani Dheer Bai wanted her son Jagmal to succeed him but senior courtiers preferred Pratap, as they realized that jagmal would be disastrous for the kingdom and Pratap would make a muchbetter King and eventually the courtiers wishes prevailed and Maharana Pratap was made the new king the Mughal emperor Akbar had control of large areas of Mewar, but was still intent on securing a stable route to gujarat through Mewar when Maharana Pratap was crowned king in 1572 akbar sent a number of envoys and diplomatic missions asking the rana to become a subject of the Mughal Empire just like many other Rajput leaders had done in the region the last of these missions was headed by Raja maan Singh who was the brother-in-law of Akbar himself Maharana Pratap, when he found out about Raja maan Singh became very angry that his fellow Rajput was aligned with someone who had forced the subjugation of so many Rajputs and was angry at the fact that he had aligned himself with the people that had forced so much death and destructionupon the Rajputs and upon his culture and therefore he refused to the terms of Raja Man Singh and refused to surrender to Akbar therefore war became inevitable in preparation of the war and long after the war Maharana Pratap himself undertook several penances not only because his finances forced him to do so but also because he wished to remind himself and all of his subjects why they were undertaking this pain to win backtheir freedom that their right to exist as they wished to win back their cultureand their homeland it is also important to remember that during this point all Rajput kings and kingdoms around him were crumbling and surrendering to the Mughal Empire except for him.

Chronicles of Valour- The Battle of Haldighati

Battle of Haldighati was fought on the 18th of June 1576 between Maharana Pratap and Akbar's forces led by Maan Singh of Amber, unfortunately, the Mughal army found a traitor in Pratap's office brother Shakti Singh who told them about secret passes in the Haldighati. after a fierce battle that lasted more than three hours, Pratap found himself wounded and the day lost. Maharana Pratap chieftain Maan Singh Jala exchanged armors with Maharana Pratap to confuse the Mughal army, this allowed Maharana Pratap to make his escape and live to fight another day. Maharana Pratap's favorite horse Chetak the beast horse who when decorated with armors and shields used to look like elephants, he also perished in this battle he was killed by Mughal archers even though the Mughals won the day this was not a very decisive victory for them because Maharana Pratap was still able to make his escape and he was still out there resisting the Mughals so the Mughals knew that as long as Maharana Pratap was alive and was resisting they would not be able to have a stable Mewar and a stable route through Mewar to Gujarat as a result of this battle however most of Mewar except for the hills fell in Mughal hands but Maharana Pratap did not give up fighting.however the relentless attacks of the Mughal army had left Maharana Pratap army weaker and he barely had enough money to keep it going it is said that his children had to eat bread made of grass.

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Prithvi Raj Rathore Wrote a letter to Maharana in the form of the famous poem in which he asked Maharana Pratap to not submit and never surrender to the Mughals, it strengthened his will and it reminded him of what he was fighting for and continued fighting it was at this time that one of his ministers Bhama Shah came and offered Maharana Pratap all of his wealth a sum that would enable Maharana Pratap to support an army of 25,000 soldiers for12 years thus he was able to continue fighting the Mughals. Mughals pressure on Mewar is relaxed after 1579 following rebellions in Bengal Bihar and Mirza Hakeem's incursion into Punjab in 1582, Maharana Pratap was able to attack and occupy the Mughal post at Dewar in 1585, Akbar moved to Lahore and remained there for the next few years watching the situation in the northwest this allowed Maharana Pratap to recover a lot of the lost territory in western Mewar including Kumbhalgarh, Udaipur, and Gogunda during this period he also built a new capital Chavand near modern Dungarpur Maharana Pratap through his relentless efforts eventually managed to free most of Mewar except for the capital Chittor. in 1597 however, Maharana Pratap was seriously injured in a hunting accident and he passed away aged 56 On January 29, 1597, a question that has been asked recently is why do we speak of Maharana Pratap? what did Maharana Pratap do that was so great? you will see this in the media and you will see this in you know the leftist circles often asking why do we celebrate the Rajputs? why do we celebrate Maharana Pratap? he did not win the Battle of Haldighati, he lost a lot of his area and it's not like he expanded his area outside of Mewar so why do we really celebrate MaharanaPratap and the answer to that question is the reason we celebrate Maharana Pratap and the reason we Revere him is that he represents really well the Hindu struggle and the Hindu spirit and the Hindus battle for survival he represents the spirit of being beaten down repeatedly but not giving up being at your lowest but not giving up he watched every Rajput Kingdom around him crumble and fall but he did not give up his spirit cracked but it did not break he never stopped fighting for his civilization and for his culture he represents perfectly our culture and our civilization's struggle for survival struggle for self-determination and for freedom. he represents what we are as a people and as a culture and what we should always aspire to be - indomitable. Maharana Pratap was that great warrior who was praised by the whole world for his bravery strength power wisdom and greatness, once Abraham Lincolns was to visit India and he asked his mother what gift should he bring for her from India and her mother replied that she wants some sand of the soil where Maharana Pratap Grew up and when she dies put those on her forehead in her death bed. 

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