How to Flash A Custom Rom On Any Android Device: Basic

In today’s android tips article, I will show you guys how to install or “flash” a custom ROM and how to flash a custom kernel. Two are very simple things to do, once you understand the basics. by the way, if you guys want to see any particular how-tos or tutorial on any tweaks just comment down below. Since this is going to be a short article I will explain a bit about custom kernels and custom ROMs. 

                                        How To Flash Custom ROM On Nexus, Samsung or Any Android Device

Roms are basically the OS or the operating system of the phone. There are two kinds of ROMs one is called stock ROM, it is the version of the os that comes with the phone when you buy it and it is developed the manufacturer itself. Custom ROM, on the other hand, is a bit different than stock ROMs, custom ROMs are developed by independent developers. The difference between these two is with custom ROM you will get a lot of features, you will get good performance, better UI and You can upgrade to a version of the OS that has not yet been released for your device.

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 Now let’s talk about the kernel, the kernel is a part of a device which connects the application, the software part, to the hardware part. Custom kernels have a lot of awesome features like enables swap partition, better battery backup better performance, and so on, bear with order to flash custom ROMs or custom kernels, your device has to be rooted and you must be installed a custom recovery on your phone. If you have no idea about rooting or custom recoveries then comment below for a new article about that. The first thing that you need to do is, you need to find a good Rom for your device. 


Step 1 - Download a custom Rom for Your Device I recommend xda forums for finding good ROMs because of itis pretty good website, you will need to select android development then select the Rom's tab for custom ROMs and select kernels tab for custom kernels. 

Step 2-Then download a custom recovery including its patch files and a custom kernel that you like, then copy all of the files to your phone then reboot your device into recovery mode. If you don’t know how to boot into recovery mode just google it because it differs from the device to device. I’m using a recovery called cwm, I recommend going with TWRP since it is a bit more userfriendly. But anyway the methods are pretty common. 

Step 3 - Wipe Your Data So before you flash custom rom you need to wipe data, so in cwm you simply select wipe data/ factory reset. 

Step 4 - Install the Zip You Downloaded you can flash custom rom by selecting install zip.. from sd card choose zip from Sd card or in case you put the zip file in the internal storage select from SD CARD, choose the ROM zip file then just install it. If this rom has any patch files, install it too. 

In Order to flash the custom kernel you have wipe cache and Dalvik cache first, then select install zip from sd card. Choose zip from SD card and select the kernel zip file and install it. Then reboot your phone. please do creates a backup of your current ROM before you flash a custom rom and you should always flash-kernel after rom. because if you do it vice versa the custom kernel will get replaced with the kernel that comes with the rom Now just enjoy your own custom rom.

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