Boycott china is currently the hottest topic in our country. 
This isn't the first time we were backstabbed, 
Indians had enough of betrayl from one of our border enemy china. 
Despite diplomacy our army men were martyred. 
Loss was to the nation 
And the culprit must face the consequences. 
Time has come for each individual to unite and
Each individual need to unite in the cause and extend their support. 
Nationalism is not limited only at borders even we civilians  have  some duties towards our nation and to stand with the nation United in this tough time .
So today let's t make certain promises
1.not to buy any products in future related to China
2. To buy products which is made in India 
3. To promote Indian goods 

This may be difficult initially but 
Just imagine if a nation with over 1.3 billion people  on the same page of nationalism cant we do wonders 
We did it in past by making our country free from colonialism, and similarly now we need to get rid of this Chinese giants from our market and hence make our country aatmanirbhar 
And let people all over world recognize india again as golden bird"

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