Best Games For Android Devices

With cheapening of smartphones and data charges people are moving towards  mobiles and smartphones.
Most people like to spend their time on their phone rather than  watching televisions or readings books like earlier days.People spend most of their leisure time on social sites or gaming.So to keep you busy during free time we bought you best games (offline/online) that will make you fill happy and contented .Enjoy.

Best games for android

1.Pubg Mobile   


With 100 million+ downloads in play store Player Unknown Battlegrounds (known as pubg) is currently the most played battle royal game with around 50 million active players daily.This game has stunning graphics and and excellent character movement.The game requires data connection. The good thing about this game is that this can be played together with friends.This game has multiple modes.It features battle royal , team death match , payload , ragegear and many more modes .You can play solo , duo or squad up with your friends.It comes with 5 different maps.The winner gets the WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER!
    Pros ~ Stunning graphics
               Fully customizable controls
               Multiple modes
               Multiple maps
               Cool outfits
               Strong anti cheat
  Cons ~ Game is laggy
             Frame rate restricted according to device
             requires high end device for better gameplay
             In game purchases are costly 

  Size ~ 1.8 gb (may vary with updates)

2. eFootball Pro Evolution Soccer 2020


The best football game ever made for mobile. With exhilarating graphics , easy controls this game is currently the best online football available in the google play store.This game requires data connection.You can customize your team and coaches.It has dual control modes- classic and advance.Set your player position individually and you can even sell your player or hire a new one same as the real world football.You can hire coaches to train the players. The player abilities improve as they play more matches.If you want to experience real world football in your mobile then this the best game for you.

 Pros ~ 1.Stunning graphics
            2.Multiple control modes
            3.Real world characters with exact abilities

 Cons ~ 1.Requires more storage
            2.Requires a high end device

 Rating ~ 
 Size ~ 1.6 gb (may vary)

3. Bullet Force


Less size, good graphics and gameplay , if that is  all you are  looking for then this size suits you best.This game has more than 10 million downloads in the play store.The game has an excellent graphics and the character movement is also impressive. It has a fully customizable hud.This game comes with many modes like Tdm, Free for all, Gun game.The best part of this game is that you can create a room for free and even choose which guns only can be used in the match. 10vs10 match is available

 Pros ~ 1.Good graphics
            2.fully customizable hud
            3.Less size 
            4.can be played in low end devices

 Cons ~ 1.Expensive guns.
            2.Weak anticheat
 Rating ~ 

 Size ~ 550 mb (approx.)

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